Real Estate Education

Advanced Instagram Marketing for Real Estate

Course Number: 49528

Instructor: Summer Swope

Learn the latest strategies and techniques to elevate your Instagram presence, from understanding the algorithm to creating engaging content, using hashtags effectively, leveraging Instagram Stories and Reels, building a loyal community, and tracking your performance with analytics. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to Instagram marketing, this course will empower you to achieve greater success in the competitive world of real estate.

*Area and Boundary Coverage – What is it really?

Course # 46926

Instructor: Brandi Abercrombie

This course will focus on the area and boundary paragraph in the Texas Real Estate Commission contracts, what it means and how to adequately explain it to buyers. We will cover why it’s on the contract, how important the quality of survey provided is to the availability of the coverage and what the Realtor and buyer should look at on the title commitment. We will review real life examples of area and boundary claims to solidify the awareness of the importance of this additional title policy coverage for buyers.

*Qualifies for 1-hour TREC approved Contracts CE Credit

*Avoiding Common Contract Mistakes

Course # 48896

Instructor: Brandi Abercrombie, Summer Swope

This contracts credit certified course covers common contract mistakes and the consequences of making those errors. We will discuss everything from getting the correct seller(s) to sign the contract to being sure you have all of the correct contract addenda in this one hour class.

*Qualifies for 1-hour TREC approved Contracts CE Credit

Branding For Real Estate

Course # 49527

Instructor: Summer Swope

In this class, we delve into the essence of branding. We'll analyze established brands to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Through introspection, we'll identify our personal values, professional strengths, and narratives, laying the groundwork for our brand. Participants will emerge with a draft of their brand mission statement and client profile.

Business Planning for Real Estate Success

Course #45290

Instructor: Summer Swope

Creating a written business plan is one of the most important elements of a strong, sustainable real estate business. In this class, we will discuss strategies to create a simple business plan by analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We will help with setting attainable and realistic goals to keep real estate agents focused year after year.

Buyer Scripts: Enhancing Your Value Proposition

Course # 49698

Instructor: Summer Swope

Learn buyer psychology, crafting compelling scripts, uncovering needs, presenting value, overcoming objections, and closing deals effectively in real estate. 

Client-Centric Real Estate: Prioritizing Service over Sales

Course # 49473

Instructor: Summer Swope

In this course, agents will discover how to build lasting relationships with clients by prioritizing service over sales. Learn the steps to serving customers before, during, and after transactions to secure repeat and referral business.

Crafting Compelling Listing Descriptions

Course # 49475

Instructor: Summer Swope

In this class, we'll dissect real listing descriptions to uncover their buyer-attracting magic. You'll grasp the critical components for captivating listings and leave armed with tools to help your properties fly off the market.

Data-driven Credibility: Stats in Real Estate

Course # 49470

Instructor: Summer Swope

Real estate professionals will discover the power of leveraging statistics to enhance their credibility and decision-making. Participants will gain practical insights and tools to elevate their real estate practices. Whether you're a seasoned agent or new to the field, this course will empower you to harness the potential of data-driven strategies for success in real estate.

Effective Methods for Generating New Business

Course #45291

Instructor: Summer Swope

Generating leads is one of the most important things agents should do to ensure long-term success in real estate. We will discuss lead generation methods such as email, text, social media marketing, and several others along with tools and resources to assist with getting and converting leads.

Elevating Local Competency: A Guide for Real Estate Agents

Course # 49471

Instructor: Summer Swope

Join us to discover how real estate agents can elevate local competency through market insights, networking, SEO, and social media content.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road To Curb Appeal

Course # 44579

Instructor: Summer Swope

When a home’s curb appeal makes a great first impression, everyone (including potential buyers) wants to see what is inside. In this class, real estate agents will learn about inexpensive outdoor improvements to landscaping, porches, and other spaces. We will also review current outdoor trends.

Real estate agents learn how to provide simple solutions to sellers while prepping a home for sale to enhance the curb appeal with resale in mind.

Google for Real Estate Agents

Course # 45656

Instructor: Summer Swope

Google is a necessity for real estate agents who plan to have any online presence. This class will discuss the basics of google - utilizing and optimizing your Google My Business profile, understanding google reviews and connecting to YouTube through your business profile. We will discuss the google advertising options available for real estate agents and focus on different ways to build credibility through your online presence.

Instagram Reels for Real Estate Agents

Course # 46408

Instructor: Summer Swope

Real Estate agents have an incredible amount of market knowledge and information to share with consumers who are considering buying or selling real estate. If agents continue to wait until they’re working with a client, all the incredible market specific knowledge they have won’t be utilized to bring in new business! Now is the time to start making short-form video through Instagram reels to educate and inform consumers while attracting new business.

InstaStart: Instagram Basics for Real Estate Beginners

Course # 49466

Instructor: Summer Swope

Whether you're new to the platform or looking to up your game, this class covers everything you need to know to kickstart your Instagram presence. Learn how to set up your profile, navigate the app, create compelling content, use hashtags effectively, and track your performance with Instagram Insights.

Introduction to Canva for Real Estate Marketing

Course # 46664

Instructor: Summer Swope

Canva is a free graphic design tool with built-in templates to give your real estate flyers, brochures, and social media posts a polished, professional appearance. In this class, we will show real estate agents how to customize these designs to market listings, open houses, and so much more.


Introduction to Commercial Real Estate

Course # 49730

Instructor: Brandi Abercrombie

Real estate professionals may not realize the vast difference between residential real estate and commercial real estate. Not knowing the difference could be costly for the consumer AND the Realtor. This class will provide an overview of the differences and provide resources for those who desire to move into the commercial real estate space.

*Qualifies for 1-hour TREC approved Contracts CE Credit

*Legal Update I (2024-2025)

Course # 47600

Instructor: Brandi Abercrombie

Legal Update I is a non-elective TREC approved course that all license holders must take every renewal cycle to renew their license. This course covers the legal aspects of conducting real estate business.

**Legal Update II (2024-2025)

Course # 47601

Instructor: Brandi Abercrombie

Legal Update II is a non-elective TREC approved course that all license holders must take every renewal cycle to renew their license. This course covers the legal aspects of conducting real estate business.

**Legal Update I and Legal Update II satisfies The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) required 8 hours of Texas Legal Updates as part of the licensee's continuing education. Every 2 years, TREC releases up-to-date curriculum for Texas Legal Update I and II.

LinkedIn - The Business Side of Social Media

Course # 44582

Instructor: Summer Swope

Real estate agents can enhance their careers by using LinkedIn because it serves as the perfect platform to provide information about a business. Join us to understand how to use LinkedIn to research potential clients and connect with current and past clients. We will also talk about the importance of asking for recommendations.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence as a Real Estate Agent

Course # 47348

Instructor: Summer Swope

This class is designed to equip real estate agents with the knowledge and practical insights to effectively utilize AI in their daily operations.

Managing Your Real Estate Reputation Online

Course # 46660

Instructor: Summer Swope

When looking online for a real estate agent, consumers almost always trust the ratings and reviews they find, whether good or bad. In this class, we will take a look at several review platforms, share tips for optimizing your profiles on each platform, and discuss how to get, respond to, and leverage reviews, on and offline.


Course # 46663

Instructor: Brandi Abercrombie

This course will cover the differences and similarities in MUDS (Municipal Utility Districts), PUDS (Public Utility Districts), and PIDS (Public Improvement Districts). Attention will be paid to identifying these types of properties, what the requirements are for disclosure to purchasers, and how to make those disclosures.

Property Taxes in Texas

Course # 49344

Instructor: Brandi Abercrombie

This class offers a basic look at the property tax process in Texas. It will help real estate agents gain knowledge in the ad valorem tax process, a study of tax exemptions, pro-rations, tax liens, and how they impact the real estate closing.

Real Estate in the Palm of Your Hand

Course # 46014

Instructor: Summer Swope

PalmAgent ONE is real estate’s #1 closing cost app that provides calculators to prepare estimates, net sheets, and more. In this class, we will demo this powerful tool live so you’re equipped to answer client questions quickly and easily while on-the-go or at the office.

Seller Scripts: Strategies for Real Estate Agents

Course # 49458

Instructor: Summer Swope

Learn seller psychology, rapport building, objection handling, and closing techniques to secure listings confidently.

Short Term Rental 101

Course # 45196

Instructor: Summer Swope

The Short Term Rental 101 course will cover the definition of a short term rental, the differences as well as the pros and cons of long term and short term rentals. We will review resources available for real estate agents and consumers to consider when looking at investment properties. We will also cover: common questions about short term rentals, the difference between vacation rental companies and property management companies, and calculating basic returns and costs of short term renting and long term renting.

Social Media Guide for Real Estate Agents

Course # 49474

Instructor: Summer Swope

The Social Media Guide for Real Estate Agents course will cover three of the top social media platforms. The class will cover why social media is an important part of a real estate agent's marketing strategy. We will discuss the difference between personal accounts and professional accounts. We will review the content that works best on each platform. The course will cover strategies for picking the best platform to fit a real estate agent's marketing needs, as well as tools and resources to streamline posting to social media.

Successful Facebook Marketing Strategies

Course # 44581

Instructor: Summer Swope

Facebook is a necessity for real estate agents to market their business as well as connect with past, current, and potential customers. This class will discuss different types of content to post to enhance engagement while highlighting groups, lists, and several other features Facebook has to offer.

Surveys – A Brief Guide

Course # 49345

Instructor: Brandi Abercrombie

This class will equip real estate agents with knowledge for reviewing a survey and provide a checklist to assist with listing appointments including the proper execution of a T-47.

The Art of Keeping Customers for Life

Course # 46661

Instructor: Summer Swope

Repeat and referral business is every real estate agent’s dream, and it starts by providing value to customers before they leave the closing table. In this class, we will discuss personalized methods for keeping in touch regularly, creative ways to stay top-of-mind, and opportunities to help real estate agents be a hero in the eyes of their customers.

The Farm and Ranch Contract

Course # 49728

Instructor: Brandi Abercrombie

The purpose of this course is to teach the attendee when and how this contract should be used. The importance of party names, legal descriptions, and the implications of errors in various parts of the contract will be reviewed. Special attention will be paid to per acreage charges, tax prorations and rollback taxes and federal tax requirements.

*Qualifies for 1-hour TREC approved Contracts CE Credit

The Texas Homestead and Real Estate Transactions

Course # 49343

Instructor: Brandi Abercrombie

There is a lot to contemplate in a real estate transaction, and things aren’t always as they seem. This class will help explain why title companies sometimes will require people to sign documents that may seem like overkill. We will touch on homestead, valid liens, death and divorce in this hour long class sure to make you a better asset to your clients and be sure you also have all the signatures you need!

The Texas Title Commitment – Schedule A to D

Course # 49342

Instructor: Brandi Abercrombie, Summer Swope

In this class, we will walk through one of the most important documents in the real estate transaction - the commitment. We will review each Schedule to help real estate agents discuss potential restrictions or limitations with buyers along with what “survey coverage” is, and what the title policy will and will not cover. We will also talk about common issues found on a commitment that must be resolved before closing can take place.

Top Trending Apps for Real Estate Agents

Course # 44580

Instructor: Summer Swope

The best apps for real estate agents and brokers make your to-do list easier. Whether it’s helping a client book a slot at an open house or updating your marketing strategy, the best apps lead to a better experience for your real estate agents and their clients. In this class, we’ll discuss the latest and greatest real estate apps we believe will support your business activities. The list will also include apps for making both personal and professional tasks easier.

*TREC Contract Changes – What’s New

Course # 49346

Instructor: Brandi Abercrombie, Summer Swope

This course will review and discuss specific changes to the TREC One to Four Family Residential Contract (Resale), Condominium Contract, Farm and Ranch Contract, specific Addendum changes, and several others.

Unmasking Real Estate Scams in Texas

Course # 47349

Instructor: Summer Swope, Lauren Blair

This one-hour class will cover real estate scams in Texas. Participants will gain valuable insights into identifying and preventing seller fraud and cyber fraud, as well as the role of Texas title companies and real estate agents in safeguarding real estate transactions from fraudulent activities.

Visualize Real Estate: Effective Video Marketing

Course # 49472

Instructor: Summer Swope

Participants will learn how to leverage the power of video marketing in the real estate industry. The session covers the impact of video, different types of video content, planning and creating engaging videos, distribution, and promotion strategies.