Escrow Education

Courses Approved for Escrow Officer Continuing Education




All courses qualify for 1-hour Escrow Credit unless otherwise noted.



Sircon Course #


A Discussion of Death, Divorce & Bankruptcy



This course will cover a broad range of issues arising from sales transactions after the death of the owner and the legal processes required before personal representatives can sign.



Curative?!? Now What?



This course will review the basics of the search process and the manner in which unresolved issues end up on a title commitment. We will discuss how matters become curative and how to handle common curative issues.


Cyber Fraud - Don't Be a Victim



This course will teach title agents what to look for to prevent fraud and forgery from occurring.  



Cyber Insurance Avoiding the “I Told You So” of Cyber Fraud



In this course, we will discuss what cyber fraud is and review ALTA’s best practices regarding cyber fraud, internet security, and safe wiring procedures.


Defending Against Wire Fraud



This course will discuss how COVID has impacted the title industry, how fraud starts, what title companies should look for, and types of claims that have been filed after money is stolen due to wire fraud.


Durable Powers of Attorney - What Works Now



This course will give escrow agents guidance on what actions to take when presented with durable powers of attorney for use in a title transaction.



Insuring Property After a Judicial Tax Foreclosure



This course will give title agents guidance on how to review a foreclosure file to determine whether the sale of the property can be insured.



Refinance or Construction – Do I Care? How Do I Close It?



The A, B, C & D of the Title Commitment



This course will teach title agents the rules on issuing a title commitment along with how to read and prepare a  commitment.


The Real Deal on Real Property, Recording & Conveyances



In this course, title agents will learn about real property rights, lien priority, and the effect of conveyance documents as they relate to title insurance in addition to the authority issues that might arise when handling a transaction.


The Title Insurance Professional - Leadership                                                                      *2-hours Escrow Credit & 1-hour Ethics Credit



This course will help title agents gain skills necessary to be a leader within their company and the title insurance industry as a whole. We will review and discuss policies, procedures, and ethical decisions that are made during the escrow and closing process.


TREC Contract Changes & the Effect on Your Operation



In this course, we will discuss recent changes to TREC Contracts with a focus on Option Fees changes and its impact on title agents, their escrow accounts, and settlement procedures.