Escrow Education

Courses Approved for Escrow Officer Continuing Education





Sircon Course No.


A Discussion of Death, Divorce & Bankruptcy
1 Hour CE



A discussion covering a broad range of issues arising from sales transactions after the death of the owner. Types of legal processes that are required before personal representatives can sign. 



Ad Valorem Tax Issues
1 Hour CE



To educate escrow personnel about the real property tax process so that they can properly perform the settlement activities relating to property taxes and issue policies of title insurance that will not be subject to claims relating to property taxes.



Code Red - Cemeteries, Blanket Easements, and Minerals
1 Hour CE



To provide legal and title insurance risk-based application of title issues related to cemeteries, blanket easements, mineral interests, and coverage of mineral interests.



Construction Transactions - The Basics
1 Hour CE



This course covers the specific procedural rules and rate rules applicable to construction transactions.



Cyber Fraud - Don't Be a Victim
1 Hour CE



Criminals are constantly coming up with new ways to steal money and property that doesn’t belong to them. As a result, title professionals must be on the lookout for potential fraud or forgery to prevent those crimes from occurring.  



Durable Powers of Attorney - What Works Now
1 Hour CE



This course will give the escrow officer and real estate professional guidance on what actions to take when presented with a durable power of attorney for use in a title transaction.



eSecurity: Protecting Non-Public Information
1 Hour CE



To make industry professionals aware of NPI that is encountered daily and our responsibility to protect how this information is exposed to parties of an escrow transaction.



Ethics and the Escrow Officer
2 Hour CE



Gain a better understanding of the closing process and liabilities that could occur during the closing itself.  Ethical Decisions that are being made every day during the closing process and review of the complications that could arise from these decisions. A review of the definition of ethics and the fiduciary duty of the escrow officer.



Family Member Transactions - Why is This a Red Flag
1 Hour CE



To familiarize the agent with the inherent risks involved with Family Member transactions. Present underwriting guidelines, to discuss red flags, and ways to recognize whether the sale is real or pretended



Federal Reporting Requirements
1 Hour CE



Be informed on the FIRPTA regulations and closing issues that could arise when dealing with this type of transaction.  Review 1099 S procedures. Review of the Form 8300, Examples of when to send the form 8300 to the IRS.



Insuring Property After a Judicial Tax Foreclosure
1 Hour CE



This course will give the escrow officer and real estate professional guidance on how to examine the title and review a foreclosure file to determine whether the sale of the property can now be insured.



Liens and Limitations
1 Hour CE



Gain a better understanding have a review of the most common liens that may be placed on real property in Texas.  A review of National Investors underwriting guidelines with regard to these liens and their limitations.



Rate and Procedural Rules - The Fundamentals and Beyond
2 Hour CE



Gain a better understanding of the purposes and objectives of the Rate and Procedural Rules. Increase their overall knowledge of the Rate and Procedural Rules.  A discussion of changes that occurred to rate and procedural rules and how they affect the application of the rule and the premium associated with the rule.



Real Estate Earnest Money Contract - Title Company Issues
1 Hour CE



Review of a TREC Earnest Money Contract.  Examples of situations, insights, experiences, and “rules of the road” to help ensure a successful journey to closing and beyond. Examples of contract disputes often arise and guidance on how to handle these sometimes tricky situations.



Surveys - What is Acceptable and What Can We Insure
1 Hour CE



Help the closer explain what the survey amendment/deletion coverage provides and to give guidance on how to handle the T-19 and Express Insurance coverage as it relates to survey issues.



Test Your Notary Skills - What You Know Fact or Fiction
1 Hour CE



Understand the duties of a notary. Be informed of the acts a notary may perform. Realize the requirements for proper identification



Texas Business Entities and Sole Proprietorship's
1 Hour CE



To provide guidelines for escrow agents, title companies, and attorneys when dealing with business organizations in real estate transactions. To outline the types of governing documents that should be obtained and reviewed prior to closing.  To discuss underwriting guidelines with regard to the issues and problems arising when dealing with business organizations.



TREC Contract Changes - What's New
1 Hour CE



This course will review changes to the 2018 TREC contracts including but not limited to the specific change with regard to certain changes in the One to Four Family Residential Contract (Resale), Condominium Contract, Farm and Ranch Contract, and specific Addendums.



Underwriting Issues - Every Day a New Question
1 Hour CE



To convey core content as to the legal and “risk-based” analysis required to determine the insurability of each of the 12 issues presented. Determining what is in the best interest of the consumer and reconciling with the application of promulgated rules.



You and the Customer - Secrets of Superior Service
2 Hour CE



This course is designed to help those persons in the title insurance industry have an understanding of customer service in the title insurance industry. Study a variety of Procedural Rules that could affect customer service.