Suspected Fraud Notification

Fraud is generally defined as deliberately deceiving another in order to damage them - usually, to obtain property, money or services unjustly. Fraud can be stealing money from an escrow account or someone's identity to sell or borrow against property the fraudster doesn't own. Fraud can be committed using forged documents, identity theft and confidence schemes by mail, phone, internet or in person. The difficulty of verifying someone's identity and legitimacy, the ease with which money can be diverted for dishonest purposes, the international reach of the internet and the ease with which people can hide their identity and location, all contribute to making fraud an estimated $994 billion dollar business in 2008.

Investors Title needs your help to stop fraud. If you have information about possible fraud involving Investors Title please use the form linked to the left to provide us as much information as you can. Just fill in the information in the block provided, and select Submit to send your information to Investor's Title Risk Management Department. This submission will be anonymous, but if you would like to provide your contact information we will be able to contact you with questions. If you would prefer to call, mail or fax your information, please see our contact information below.

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