Claim Submission

You may electronically submit your claim or print the form to submit manually.  If you choose to submit electronically, confirmation of the electronic submission does not constitute acknowledgment of your claim.  You will receive an official written acknowledgment of your claim within two (2) business days.  Note: if you do not receive an acknowledgement of your claim within one (1) week of filing, please contact us.


A prompt response to claims filed is at the very heart of our business. National Investors is managed to ensure its ability to pay claims and also sets the industry standard in claims processing. We recognize that the way we handle claims defines us with our policyholders and partners. Indeed, how a title insurance claim is handled can define the customer’s experience and their perception of the services delivered by the lender, agents, attorneys, and title company.

Title insurance—both lender’s insurance and owner’s insurance—is a complex product. To learn more about title insurance and its role in the real estate transaction, please visit the Title Insurance section of our website here.

Claims Q & A

  • It is important to promptly notify National Investors as soon as the Insured experiences any of the following:

    - The Insured receives notice of any litigation in which a third party asserts a claim that is adverse to the title or interest in the title as insured by the Policy.

    - The Insured receives knowledge of any claim of title or interest that is adverse to the estate or interest as insured by the Policy, and which might cause a loss or damage for which the Company may be liable.

    - If the title to the estate or interest as insured by the Policy is alleged to be or rejected as unmarketable, as defined by the Policy.

    Failure to provide prompt written notice of a claim may negatively affect an Insured's benefits or coverage under the Policy. Expenses incurred or agreed to by the Insured without the prior written approval of National Investors Title Insurance Company are not recoverable under the Policy.


    Please utilize the electronic claims submission form by clicking the "Submit a Claim" button to the left of this section or by clicking here: Electronic Claims Submission Form

    Mailing Address: 
    National Investors Title Insurance Company
    Attn: New Claims
    P.O. Drawer 2687
    Chapel Hill, NC 27515

    Overnight Address:
    National Investors Title Insurance Company
    Attn: New Claims
    121 North Columbia St.
    Chapel Hill, NC 27514

    Fax Number:
    Attn: New Claims

    Email Address:

    Important Notices:

    1. Any claim forwarded to any email address, mailing address, or fax number, other than those listed above, will not be considered as having been received by National Investors Title Insurance Company.

    2. All claims must be submitted in writing. Verbal notification of claims will not be accepted.

    3. If you do not receive a written acknowledgement of your claim from National Investors Title Insurance Company within one (1) week of the submission of your claim, please call 800.326.4842 to confirm the receipt of your claim.

    Required Documentation:
    • Complete a Notice of Claim form by clicking "Submit a Claim" of the left-hand side of this page or send a letter with the following information:

    1. Insured property address.

    2. Contact information for the claimant including a phone number and email address.

    3.  A copy of your Policy, including the Policy Jacket. If you do not have a copy of your policy, please include your policy number.

    4.  Copy of the Summons and Complaint, including exhibits, if you have been sued.  Copy of any answer filed by you or on your behalf.

    5. The date you received notice of the alleged title problem.

    6. A detailed description of the alleged title problem.

    7. The name and telephone number of any other party involved.

    8. The current status of the alleged title problem.

    9. A statement describing what you are asking the Company to do (for example, remove a lien, defend you in a lawsuit or pay you for loss).

    10. Any correspondence or other pertinent documents or information you have received relating to this matter, including letters, surveys etc.


  • National Investors Title Insurance Company will provide a written acknowledgment of claim usually within two (2) business days of having received the claims notice. The acknowledgment will contain the name and contact information for the claims administrator assigned to the claim. After your claim has been received and acknowledged, the claims administrator will immediately begin assembling information. Once a file has been created, the claim will be investigated. Note: If you do not receive an acknowledgement of your claim within one week of filing your written claim, please contact the claims department immediately at 800.326.4842.

  • The policy provides that National Investors Title Insurance Company has several options to repair or to resolve a claim. For example, National Investors Title Insurance Company may choose to:

    1. Seek to repair and/or restore the claimant to the title position insured by the policy.

    2. Negotiate a settlement, or pay the claim against the title.

    3. Prosecute or defend a court case related to the claim.

    4. Pay the insured the amount required by the policy.

    5. Take other action which will protect the insured.

    6. Cancel the policy by paying the loss or policy amount and costs in accordance with the terms of the policy.

    Review of policy terms and conditions provided on the policy jacket is recommended for a more complete discussion of claim resolution